How To Make The Most Of Your Small Outdoor Living Space

Small back yards, patios, and decks can often feel limiting or even cause you to avoid spending time outside. But having a small space shouldn’t limit how much you enjoy your area. There are several awesome ways to make the most of your small outdoor living space so that you can entertain, relax and spend time with your family outside. By utilizing the space you do have and making smart choices on how you furnish the area, you can have a functional outdoor living space that you absolutely love. 

Choose Minimalistic Outdoor Furniture and Decor 

Choosing unobtrusive and minimalistic outdoor chairs and furniture is a great way to define a seating area without taking up a lot of space. Choosing chairs, tables, and outdoor umbrellas that don’t use a lot of floor space will give you an area to sit, relax and catch up with friends, and still have plenty of open space. Choose elegant, open pieces rather than items that are boxy and closed off. Keeping the space open creates a sense that there is more open space left than there actually is while still giving you a defined area that is just for relaxing.

Include Outdoor Lighting

Adding garden lights and hanging string lights will make your small outdoor living space  feel like a lot larger. Increasing the light in an area gives the illusion that there is additional space, even if there isn’t. Hanging string lights across your patio or planting garden lights around the edge of your yard will brighten the area, give a nice ambiance and make the yard feel so much more spacious. There are multiple ways you can get creative with hanging outdoor string lights in your back yard. From cementing poles in planter pots to affixing hooks to the exterior of your home, the options are limitless. And if you don’t have outdoor electricity, solar lights are always a great option. You’ll love having an outdoor area with nice lighting to enjoy all year round. 

Utilize Container Gardens 

Adding a garden to your outdoor space will help it to feel larger and make it look much more inviting. A garden in a small yard or on an apartment balcony, is of course, hard to produce, but utilizing planter pots, container gardens, and vertical planters will allow you to add color, texture and visual appeal that small spaces need. Bringing in more natural elements to your small patio or yard will not only open up your space but also may invite butterflies and other pollinators to your area and give that feeling of being in the open outdoors. Container gardens can also be used to repel mosquitos. There are several different types of colorful flowers and herbs that repel mosquitos, which is a huge bonus in Arkansas. 

Small spaces can make a big impact if decorated and planned correctly. With the right furniture pieces, some hanging lights, and colorful plants, your small outdoor space easily become your favorite part of your house. Knowing exactly what your yard needs, or where to get started can be overwhelming. Sometimes, the best way to get the outdoor living space of your dreams is to contact an experienced landscaping company to help you.  At Better Lawns and Gardens, we know exactly how to give your outdoor living space the facelift it needs. Give us a call or request a quote to get started revamping your backyard.